Define your legacy and start taking action.

We all leave something behind in this world...

Our mission is to help young women confidently define their legacy and live it, out loud.


We created a methodology based on experience, research and real-time feedback that is designed to build confidence, solidify purpose and awaken entrepreneurial spirit in ambitious young women. Once by invitation-only, this course has turned into an exclusive immersion retreat, held annually over Spring Break, that takes the intimate group of young women leaders selected on a transformative journey of discovery.


Legacy Out Loud has changed the way I view myself in the world and given me the tools I need to reach my world-changing potential.
— Radiance Campbell, Age 18, Legacy Out Loud '17

TEDx: "The Most Powerful Question You Never Considered"

Meet Elisabeth, your new mentor

This infinitely curious, coffee loving, Brooklyn native had her first business cards at six and first product on shelves at 13. She graduated college with highest honors, did business school, a stint in finance, dealt with loss, found herself, dove into her passion, more loss, learned the meaning of post traumatic growth, started a coffee company, gave two TEDx talks and started speaking in the US and abroad (we're still wondering where that shy 9 year old went). Now, she is on a mission to help young women deepen their sense of confidence and prepare for the twists and turns of life by starting in the most unlikely of places, the end. She's our Co-Founder and CEO and she will be walking you through our methodology, holding safe space for you to share stories and inspiring you to go a little deeper. Learn more about Elisabeth.

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