Legacy Out Loud

Legacy Out Loud is a global initiative to refocus the foundational conversations that inspire, empower and give young women the confidence to think and act entrepreneurially, reverse engineer their careers and become the leaders of their generation.

Our methodology is building confidence in the next generation of young women leaders, teaching them to reverse engineer their career & live the phrase “what the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve.”

Our experiential learning program, backed by leading corporate and entrepreneurial women executives, is a game-changer. Through our curriculum - built around mission, mindset and mentorship and offsite experiences -  our young women emerge with a deeper understanding of themselves and their power for impact. Along this journey, we instill an unshakable sense of confidence and resilience, strong leadership skills and an entrepreneurial spirit in the female leaders of tomorrow. 

Legacy Out Loud has changed the way I view myself in the world and given me the tools I need to reach my world-changing potential.
— Radiance Campbell, Legacy Out Loud '17

"The Most Powerful Question You Never Considered" | TEDx Normal | Elisabeth Cardiello

Who do you want to be? What do you want to give? We're all leaving something behind whether we choose to give it any conscious thought or not, but what happens when you choose to reverse engineer your career and live your legacy out loud? Watch our co-founder announce Legacy Out Loud to the world on stage at TEDx in November 2015.

If you & 5+ of your friends, classmates, teammates, colleagues, etc. are interested in scheduling a Legacy Out Loud offsite experience of your own, please contact us here

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