We saw that young women excelled beyond their male counterparts in entrepreneurship classes, yet represented only a fraction of the total number of students pursuing or exploring entrepreneurship. We called 600 women entrepreneurs, investors and changemakers and asked them why young women aren't jumping in. They all responded with some version of: confidence. 

When we dug deeper, we found a study that spanned 48 countries and proved that the disparity in confidence between men and women is not confined to one country or culture. It’s not a characteristic of just the developed or undeveloped world. It’s universal



Helping a young woman feel truly confident is a complicated and multi-faceted endeavor and it does not start with asking her “what she wants to be when she grows up.” We believe that the more important questions are:

  • Who do you want to be
  • What do you want to give
  • What do you want to leave behind
Amazing things can happen when women are confident in their ability to be smart, to be right, to be capable.
— Madisyn Prior, Age 21, Legacy Out Loud '16

This course is designed specifically to allow young women to gather together on this journey, because doing it alone is not only intimidating, but also way less inspiring. Since our launch at the Women's Entrepreneurship Day Celebration at the United Nations in 2015, this course continues to awaken young women to their infinite potential, resilience, creativity and voice and we’re thrilled to be hosting our first spring break immersion program in 2018! 

We just unveiled the location - click here to find out and apply)


We guide our young women through intimate, engaging (and highly challenging) workshops on topics such as:

  • Defining the woman they aspire to be and creating a plan to reverse engineer it
  • Creating a personalized compass to sort through life’s decisions and point them toward bold decisions and meaningful actions
  • The roots of their motivations (scientifically speaking) and the impacts those motivations have on brain and body
  • How being able to define feelings from needs changes the effectiveness of our communication
  • The brain science behind maintaining a healthy mindset and tools to keep on track
  • Aligning passions and strengths and defining impact
  • Learning to listen, connect the dots and speak compellingly



We believe, mission + mindset + mentorship = confidence

Meet Elisabeth, your new mentor.

This infinitely curious, coffee loving, Brooklyn native had her first business cards at six and first product on shelves at 13. She graduated college with highest honors, did business school, a stint in finance, dealt with loss, found herself, dove into her passion, more loss, learned the meaning of post traumatic growth, started a coffee company, gave two TEDx talks and started speaking in the US and abroad (we're still wondering where that shy 9 year old went).

Now, she is on a mission to help young women deepen their sense of confidence and prepare for the twists and turns of life by starting in the most unlikely of places, the end. She's our Co-Founder and CEO and she will be walking you through our methodology, sharing stories and inspiring you to go a little deeper. We can't wait to support you!

It wasn’t until Legacy Out Loud that I realized I was an entrepreneur and actually had been my whole life... All of a sudden, anything was possible.
— Carolina Silva, Age 21, Legacy Out Loud '16