Legacy Out Loud

 Join us and other young women leaders on a journey of discovery designed to build confidence, solidify purpose and awaken entrepreneurial spirit.  ​​​​​​​

Legacy Out Loud is a methodology designed to build confidence, solidify purpose and awaken entrepreneurial spirit in high school and college-age women through an immersion program predicated on the concept of learning by doing and focused on giving young women the specific knowledge, skills and practices that are imperative to building healthy, curious minds.


Through our research, we found that although more competent at entrepreneurial endeavors, far fewer young women dive into the world of entrepreneurship. Our research pointed to confidence as the reason and we've found a way to change that. We believe that it starts with changing the conversation around career. The question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” needs to be put to rest. Rather, the questions we should be asking our youth are:

  •   Who do you want to be?
  •   What do you want to give?
  •   What do you want to leave behind?

Our goal is to infuse values and legacy into the conversation and inspire our youth to look at career through a different lens. We believe that through ascertaining one’s mission, nurturing a proper mindset and providing mentorship, we can change the way young people see the world and their role in it. Through our carefully designed program, we are able to introduce young women to their ideal selves and instill an unshakable confidence that transcends personal and professional endeavors to ultimately change their lives holistically.


We believe that the movement toward equality starts with inclusivity. We ALL need to be elevating our young women, by feeding them the support they need to take actions in line with their values.

Our female high school and college students are driven beyond measure and want shape their own future. We give them them the confidence to do just that. 

Starting on partner campuses, in partner communities, in the work place, at creative events and spreading throughout the world, wherever they need to occur for greatest impact on the young women who will shape our tomorrow.


We give our girls a playbook and process to teaching them how to reverse engineer their life and career and grow into the leaders of their generation.

Our experiential curriculum - built around mission, mindset and mentorship - is focused on the specific skills and practices not generally taught in school that are imperative to build strong minds and the foundation for entrepreneurial and innovative thinking. These skills tap both left and right brain and are complimented by mentorship and experiences.

More than 600 (mostly) female entrepreneurs and innovators curate and guide our young women through experiences, networking and knowledge-gathering relevant to their self-identified legacy and career aspirations. 

What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve

In 2015, we flew our girls from around the country to convene in New York City and attend the United Nation's Celebration of Women's Entrepreneurship Day. Our launch party was the official after party of the conference, and our young women had the opportunity to be the honored guests of the evening, getting to speak to Ambassadors of countries, the esteemed speakers at the day's conference, CEOs, advocates and all sorts of inspiring individuals. To say that the day changed them, is an understatement.


From the UN...

Last week I was given the opportunity to spend 2 days with young college women pursuing entrepreneurship at the United Nations Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. It was an incredible experience that had multiple panels taking place from 9am-5pm... All of these women came from different backgrounds and places around the world. What was most interesting to me about this panel was the conversation that contradicted so much of what I’ve learned about feminism. Feminists I know all talk about how disempowered they are as women. They also tell young women that they will have many obstacles to face as a women pursuing their own business. At the end of the day, the underlying factor that so many of these young women overlooking entrepreneurship have to overcome first is their lack of confidence for facing obstacles that women have very prominently made them recognize.

Christine Souffrant, founder of Vendedy, made a strong statement calling out feminists who do this and challenged them to erase that mentality for themselves and the girls that surround them... If we keep telling girls that they will have such a harder time becoming successful than a man, that will deter them from being successful. The way I see it, a women can walk into a conference with 5 men present and given a new mindset, see herself as just as capable and without fear of being undermined by the males in the room. Souffrant says it is not that women do not have to work harder, it’s that we tell them they do that gives them extra fear and lack of confidence men don’t face. So what must we tell these girls?

They are capable.

They are equally strong.

They can.

When a female actually is discriminated because of gender, I am not saying that this should not be acknowledged. What I am saying is that we should not make that into a barrier by telling motivated young girls from the get-go that business is harder for you because you’re a female. The choice in language must be positive. When these girls feel more confident to go into STEAM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & MATH), diverse females in these fields will become a norm. Very relevant to this assumption, there is a tag called #Ilooklikeanengineer that shatters the image of the white male engineer.

Amazing things can happen when women are confident in their ability to be smart, to be right, to be capable.
— Madisyn Prior, Legacy Out Loud '16