Legacy Out Loud

 Join us and other young women leaders on a journey of discovery designed to build confidence, solidify purpose and awaken entrepreneurial spirit.  ​​​​​​​

Legacy Out Loud is a methodology designed to build confidence, solidify purpose and awaken entrepreneurial spirit in high school and college-age women through an immersion program predicated on the concept of learning by doing and focused on giving young women the specific knowledge, skills and practices that are imperative to building healthy, curious minds.


We have found that our methodology is most powerful when deployed in community and our young women are most open to growth and change while traveling to a new place. Together, we listen and learn, challenge and cheer for one other. The work isn't easy, but it's worth it. One emerges with new found power to take meaningful action and walks away with a tribe of like-minded leaders that speak the same language and keep each other accountable to consistently show up as one's best self.

The immersion combines workshops with group activities for the girls to interact with the material and learn by doing while spending time consumed in the beauty of nature. Legacy Out Loud's Co-founder, Elisabeth Cardiello, will be leading the journey. She is infinitely passionate about sharing this content because it, in large part, is what made her who she is.

Next trip: MARCH 2018 (exact dates and location TBD)  Notify me when admission opens!

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"Meeting my peers in the Legacy Out Loud program made me realize that I had been an entrepreneur my whole life and all of a sudden, anything was possible."


Carolina S., Age 21


 • All food and lodging (shared accommodations) at a venue currently TBD.

• The Legacy Out Loud course itself and a group follow up call to check in after all return home.

• An ongoing community and conversation that continues long after we part ways.

• Tuition for the program will largely depend on the venue that we select, further details coming soon! Admission is always on a rolling basis, so as soon as you receive word, don't hesitate to reach out.

If you think you might be unable to join us this Spring, but have a group that is interested in our program, just shoot us a note, we'd love to figure out a way to bring Legacy Out Loud to you! 

Photo c/o: Cedar Lakes Estate

Photo c/o: Cedar Lakes Estate