Infinitely curious, coffee loving, Brooklyn native. She had business cards at six and her first product on shelves at 13. As such, her identity formed in a way that was anything but normal. Her entrepreneur father ensured that on those cards, beneath her name, was the bold word “owner” and that she was empowered from a young age to think and act as such. She graduated from business school at the top of her class, spent time at Credit Suisse and a hedge fund, dealt with loss, found herself, found her passion, more loss, learned the meaning of post traumatic growth, started a coffee company (with a story you won’t believe!), gave two TEDx talks (#1, #2), started speaking in the US and abroad - still wondering where that shy 9 year old went...

She’s been featured by the United Nations, Forbes, AMEX OPEN Forum, TEDx Normal, TEDx Fulton Street, GQ, NBC, Heritage Radio WS Radio and many more.

While growing  Caffè Unimatic, Inc., she started realizing just how much her Dad taught her all those mornings sitting around the family table drinking coffee. She began using her own story as the basis for research around what gave her the confidence to start something with no guarantee it would succeed. This research compelled her to co-found Legacy Out Loud, to pay forward this gift of confidence to young women and help them live the phrase "what the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve."

Currently, head-over-heels about: the power of coffee as a ritual, the universal potential it has as an agent of change, reverse engineering life starting with one's legacy and reinventing what “sales” means. She's famous for asking hard questions, Disney-character-like facial expressions and urging people to linger just a little longer at the table together, over coffee.

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Doan has always been "entrepreneuring" and teaching. From an early age, he was teaching his friends how to build what he thought was an empire. He experienced continuous frustration and disappointment with his education experience, so he decided to do what he could to change the value of education for future generations. Doan has shared his thoughts and process of teaching and learning with audiences across North America and Europe, on the TEDx stage, and through a variety of projects to improve the impact of entrepreneurship education. He strongly believes that education should be a process of self-discovery and growth, should be active and scary, and should help students discover and prepare for a career path that is meaningful to the person and to society.

As a professor, Doan quickly realized that very few young women were taking his entrepreneurship classes. And, more importantly, he realized that the women who did take his class were, hands down, better students. He set off on a journey to understand why more women weren't learning entrepreneurship, and how to attract more women into the field. After interviewing nearly 600 female entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders around the world (one of them being Elisabeth!) and the idea of Legacy Out Loud was born.

Doan loves to ask difficult questions and explore uncomfortable topics in education and entrepreneurship, although he doesn't always like what he learns! He pushes boundaries because he believes that each of us has more potential and more passion that needs to be shared with the world.