Legacy Out Loud

 Join us and other young women leaders on a journey of discovery designed to build confidence, solidify purpose and awaken entrepreneurial spirit.  ​​​​​​​

Legacy Out Loud is a methodology designed to build confidence, solidify purpose and awaken entrepreneurial spirit in high school and college-age women through an immersion program predicated on the concept of learning by doing and focused on giving young women the specific knowledge, skills and practices that are imperative to building healthy, curious minds.




With the Legacy Out Loud curriculum . . . I learned how to cross who I innately am, my strengths and passions, with what the world really needs. That intersection gave me specific purpose and allowed me to live with direction and intention... With reverse engineering, I have become fearless to dream and ready to tackle all of my goals.
— Radiance Campbell, Legacy Out Loud '17
Over the last year, I have been a part of Legacy Out Load. My group of girls was the very first Legacy Out Loud cohort. I can truly say that being a part of Legacy has given me the opportunity to connect with amazing women in entrepreneurship. These women include my current mentor and other female founders who are out there conquering the world. I have built a special bond with my mentor because we were both teen moms turned entrepreneurs. She motivates me, encourages me and is there for me when a little extra push. Having her as a role model in my life and being supported by Legacy is a constant reminder that I can be anyone and do anything I wish to do with my life!
— Georgie-Ann Getton, Legacy Out Loud '16