We saw that young women excelled beyond their male counterparts in entrepreneurship classes, yet represented only a fraction of the total number of students pursuing or exploring entrepreneurship. We called 600 women entrepreneurs, investors and changemakers and asked them why young women aren't jumping in. They all responded with some version of: confidence. When we dug deeper, we found a study that spanned 48 countries and proved that the disparity in confidence between men and women is not confined to one country or culture. It’s not a characteristic of just the developed or undeveloped world. It’s universal


Helping a young woman feel truly confident is a complicated and multi-faceted endeavor and we believe that it starts with asking better questions. We guide our young women through intimate, engaging (and highly challenging) workshops on topics such as:

  • Identifying your values and defining the woman you aspire to be

  • Aligning your values, passions, and strengths in order to decide and declare the impact you will have on the world, using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

  • Creating a personalized compass to aid in making bold decisions and taking meaningful action to reverse engineering your career and social impact

  • Learning the scientific roots of motivation and how to harness your biology and awareness to help you achieve your goals

  • How to amplify your creative vision and foster a state of flow

  • The simple formula for more effective communication

  • A toolkit to foster mental resilience and maintain a healthy mindset

  • Learning to listen, connect the dots and speak persuasively and with integrity

It wasn’t until Legacy Out Loud that I realized I was an entrepreneur and actually had been my whole life... All of a sudden, anything was possible.
— Carolina Silva, Age 21, Legacy Out Loud '16

This course is designed specifically to allow young women to gather together on this journey, because doing it alone is not only intimidating, but also way less inspiring. Since our launch at the Women's Entrepreneurship Day Celebration at the United Nations in 2015, this course continues to awaken young women to their infinite potential, resilience, creativity and voice over our signature Spring Break Leadership Immersion Retreat and on individually curated workshops that we tailor for the young women of specific colleges’ entrepreneurship programs, teams, sororities and other groups. 

Amazing things can happen when women are confident in their ability to be smart, to be right, to be capable.
— Madisyn Prior, Age 21, Legacy Out Loud '16