Our methodology isn't just for students, it is the foundation for the type of confidence that emboldens all humans to reach their potential in every facet of life. Full stop. 

A New Approach to Sales...

Listening Out Loud is changing the conversation about sales. It helps students, managers, sales staff (or anyone interested in improving personal effectiveness) gain confidence by expounding on the single most important, yet largely unknown fact about the way the most successful people communicate. Covering how nuances of brain function impact every interaction we have and how to recognize and harness those usually unconscious clues, Listening Out Loud is a content-rich, exhaustively researched journey through the skills necessary to realize any goal that requires interaction with others. There is no better way to enable you, your sales team or management team.

Partial List of Takeaways:

  • How to take the pressure off and feel comfortable
  • How to make others feel comfortable and genuinely trust you
  • How to hear what someone is not saying
  • How to tell a story in order to ignite passion & action
  • Learn to navigate conflict

A New Approach to Goals...

Reverse Engineer Your Career is a masterpiece of confidence building and designed for a variety of ages and audiences from education to corporate to government and from individual to team to entire organization. It’s principles can be applied to the forward momentum of one’s career, life or any goal that one aspires toward. From the initial blast of inspiration to learning how we might get side tracked to the poignant discussion about how small changes in our perspective can be the most important path to confidence and success, Reverse Engineer Your Career is guaranteed to leave you and your team motivated, surprised, ready to take action and wanting more.

Partial List of Takeaways:

  • No-cost, easily-implemented confidence-building strategies that will immediately create positive progress in your life
  • An innovative way to think about opportunities that will significantly improve your ability to set the right kind of goals and take action

A New Approach to Innovation...

Innovation is a Verb is not another run-of-the-mill "how to innovate" keynote or workshop. Instead, you will learn why innovation happens psychologically and a powerfully simple strategy that anyone can implement to increase the levels of creativity in yourself and your team. Innovation is not a thing or a destination or a canned process you employ when it’s convenient or necessary. It is the journey, the movement, the way of being that fosters the single most important thing that unlocks new ideas. If you want to more easily discover and develop more rewarding solutions, Innovation is a Verb will leave you convinced you are capable of greatness and with the tools to execute!

Partial List of Takeaways:

  • How to defeat the barriers we all face to developing truly remarkable ideas (i.e. how to get out of your own way)
  • How to ask for the support you need to be creative
  • A framework to get unstuck and generate ideas in a calm and inviting way

A deeper dive into Elisabeth's background: 

This two time TEDx speaker was probably the only six year old with her own business cards, as such her identity formed in a way that was anything but normal. Her entrepreneur father ensured that on those cards, beneath her name, was the bold word “owner” and that she was empowered from a young age to think and act as such. With her first product on shelves as a teenager, it’s no surprise, that even though her post business school career took her to Wall Street, she was always an entrepreneur at heart. 

Since leaving the corporate world, she has been involved in a myriad of ventures and her ability to combine business and impact for the past 15 years has been featured by the United Nations Global Entrepreneurship Congress, TEDx, AMEX OPEN, NBC, Forbes, GQ, New York Live, NYC Media TV, The Soho Collective, AOL Ventures Panel of New Ideas, Heritage Radio, WS Radio and many others. Her inspiring story is a first hand account of how to elevate one's personal and professional life. 

As Founder and Owner of Caffè Unimatic, Inc., a woman owned coffee company born of a family legacy and the surprise of a lifetime, Elisabeth is changing the conversation at the breakfast table. Caffè Unimatic is the proud purveyor of the last original “Unimatic” coffee pots in the world that were conceived in Brooklyn and made in Italy in the 1960s (watch "How a coffee pot changed my life" on TEDx). While growing the company, she started realizing just how much her Dad taught her all those mornings sitting around the family table drinking coffee. She began using her own story as the basis for research around what gave her the confidence to start something with no guarantee it would succeed. This research compelled her to co-found Legacy Out Loud, to pay forward this gift of confidence to young women everywhere (watch "The most powerful question you've never considered" on TEDx). 

Due to her wide range of experience and creativity, she has been invited to speak, consult, create and lead programs around the world on the topics of entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and communication. She is Co-Founder of  Master Your Mission, an intensive international leadership development course for high achieving women. She is a co-leader of Infrastructure Group’s advisory board activities for transatlantic clients in her roles as both a member of the IGI board in New York and as Managing Director, IGI London.

Elisabeth earned both her BA (International Business and Art) and MBA (Management) degrees with highest academic distinction from Wagner College. She was recruited to Wagner as part of the Women’s Division I soccer team and has served for more than ten years in various alumni capacities. Elisabeth presently serves as Vice President of the NAA Board of Directors at the college, is a guest professor, Co-Chair of the Young Alumni Steering Committee in the Business Department and is spearheading the creation of The Cardiello Fund for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

A Dame of the Sovereign Order of Malta and of the Royal House of Savoy in Italy, Elisabeth is famous for asking hard questions, Disney-character-like facial expressions, doing handstands in crazy places and urging people to linger just a little longer at the table together, over coffee. 

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