How is your company or corporate entity reaching the next generation?

We’ve been working with young leaders for years now and asked them: “what builds brand loyalty?” in their eyes...

And guess what? It’s not social media. It’s IMPACT.

They identify with and remain loyal to brands that are having an impact on their lives and the lives of others. So, the question becomes…


How do you creatE positive change in the world on a deep level?

Join us in sponsoring a girl, or better yet, partner with us and let’s create an immersion program together for a group of young women who will become tomorrow’s leaders. For your company, the funds needed to transform a life(s) are minimal in comparison to the impact it will have on the future (both of the young women and our country).

Legacy Out Loud is the place that awakened the woman within who has the power to change the unchangeable.
— Emily, Age 20, Legacy Out Loud '18, Nebraska

Plus: The research says that if you fund or impact a woman, she uses that fuel to impact the whole world surrounding her. We hope you will join us on this mission to bring our program and the mantra “what the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve” to more women, who will go on to spread your contribution throughout the world.