Developed because the young women in our tribe wanted to continue growing and connecting to themselves after our time together was over. We created this for busy young women, like you, who are likely already over-committed to school and leadership activities, but know how important it is to keep yourself fueled and inspired. We loved the idea that you could turn to us when you are feeling like your tank is empty, like you are in need of motivation or when you need connection to something bigger… Note: There are no assignments, deadlines or “work.”

Monthly Mentorship
14.99 every month

Each month will have a theme and you will receive:

  • writing prompts - to help you reflect and grow

  • life-hacking tools and practices

  • brain science lessons - to help you tap into yourself, turn off the stress response and promote mental health

  • guided meditations

  • reflective questions to use to host your own “Brave Conversations Over Coffee” with friends and family

  • inspiring morsels for you engage with whenever you need a boost

  • sometimes there will also be videos, audio recordings or live Q&A that accompany the theme


TOPICS: We care about helping you calibrate your compass, your internal guidance system that allows you to step into your leadership in any situation you’re faced with. We want to support you in gaining clarity on 1) who you want to be 2) what you want to give and 3) what you want to leave behind in the world. Our themes for each month will fall into “Legacy Out Loud methodology” framework.

The content ranges from neuroscience, to self care, to goal setting and on the flip side, tools to deal when you’re feeling like you’re in a dark place, to relating to oneself and others in a more meaningful way, to deepening your intuition, making an impact, finding your voice and using your voice, to living your values, and lots more.

TIME COMMITMENT: As much time as you want or need to devote to this. Again, there are no

LOCATION: This option is location agnostic and intended to continue feeding your soul no matter where you are in the world (we’ve had young women engage from buzzing cities like New York and Chicago, all the way to quiet hillside towns in New Zealand, whilst studying abroad).

CANCELLATION: Our intention is for this to give you the fuel you need each month as you tackle life. We love feedback, so we will likely be asking you how it’s going for you along the way and we hope to build this with your needs in mind, but at the end of the day, if it isn’t serving you, you may absolutely cancel at any time.